The C-Street Family Plan - A Faith-Based Recovery Program
              We offer a structured living arrangement based on Christian principles.We are an educational program with a focus on learning the word of God.Our Ministry is based on the belief  that a strong spiritual foundation is essential to an effective  recovery program.Our Family members are encouraged to re-establish their relationship with Jesus Christ as God.Each member of  The C Street Family Plan is taught to effectively address emotional or psychological problems that might interfere with his or her recovery through group and individual counseling. 
    The leaders of the homes help each member to determine and identify their own unique relapse warning signs.The nucleolus of this program is the application of the Word of God in everyday choices, so this is done by means of exposure to new study habits in a typical life setting.
    The renewing of the mind starts by understanding how to apply Gods word to each  circumstance. 
                All new members are treated in uniquly and personal biblical counseling is offered daily.
        We work with all law enforcement agencies and accommodate members for court services. letters 0f enrollment are provided as well as monthly activity reports and random drug testing results on demand.
                       Program Executive Director and Pastor Carlos Monroy 

                                                Financing through Ventura County Human
                                         Sevices Agency programs can pay almost all start up cost. 
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